@adam I’m still convinced still has no idea why Trump won.

@Hank @adam you can see any Allstar node if it has Supermon installed using this node number followed by .asnode.org example 50450.asnode.org/supermon/

@bufordk eww, I might have you there, I live in Minnesota.

@bufordk at the start of her podcast she sounded a little on the left if I remember correctly. It seems to me she has learned a lot and moved more in the direction of open minded people. I might have to check out her podcast again. She’s smart and does a good job at what she does, it’s nice to see her on that clip not sounding bias. That’s what I want in my news.

@bufordk great clip!! Thanks. So Jen it would seem to me is much more in the center now than when she started out. Nice to see.

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